January 5th

I barely ate today..

Reason to lose weight

I always feel like me and my boyfriend look like an awkward couple, he’s so skinny and i’m just ew.

My boyfriend is so skinny like its not even funny he’s like 5’9 and he weighs 115 lbs!


Omg Melissa (best friend) told me i looked thinner today! and my butt looked nice (:
I haven’t lost or gained any weight, what’s going on here?

i’ve been working out for almost 2 weeks, i think its the way i’m eating, ugh i’m horrible

Reblog if your starting weight is/was 150+, I would love to follow each and everyone of you :)

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January 4th

Breakfast: skipped ):

Lunch: apple ):

snack: shared chicken nuggets with melissa i had like 3 (x she had like 10! <.<

dinner: mango-a-go-go classic smoothie from jamba jucie :o and then like one slice of french toast my mom mad for dinner :p

half a liter of water today

workout: walked to target with melissa today

oh god school messes up my fitness schedule 

i go back to school tomorrow, fantastic.